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Howard Jordan
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* How the U.S. Constitution protects our freedoms
* Holding Elected Officials accountable
* Celebrating Latino and African Heritages 
* Elections and the Latino vote
* The Immigration Debate
* The importance of Black-Latino relations today
*  Intra-Latino relations: uniting the Latino family

Popular radio host of The Jordan Journal  focusing on issues of importance to progressives and  communities of color

Educator-Scholar,  Chair of the Behavioral & Social Sciences Dept.  and tenured professor at Hostos Community College in the South Bronx

Advocacy Journalist and commentator, writing for alternative English and Spanish-language media

Attorney and former Appointed Official for the Governor's Committee on Hispanic Affairs and the New York State Assembly Immigration Task Force

Longtime Community Activist in the progressive community.
The Jordan Journal 
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​ Will Latino Empowerment be fully realized?
We must reflect on the setbacks that beset the progressive community . We are experiencing the increasingly unvarnished form of American racism to those familiar with the U.S tortured history of  lynching slavery, colonization and conquest.  Republican nominee  Donald Trump seeks to close this nation to people based on religion. In the past we had "no blacks allowed," " no Mexicans allowed" we now have "No Muslims allowed."  This hate monger called for mass deportation squads of immigrants and referred to Mexicans as "rapists and criminals."  He has been endorsed by  Klan member David Duke  .  We must recommit ourselves to ​the spirit of resistance and call for social justice that led to many of our successes in the past.  No mas racism and let the struggle for freedom reign. Vote against Trump.