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Radio Host  of The Jordan Journal of the popular WBAI-99.5 FM radio program,  focusing on issues of importance to progressives and communities of color

Educator-Scholar, Chair of the Behavioral & Social Sciences Dept. and tenured professor at Hostos Community College in the South Bronx

Advocacy Journalist and commentator, writing for alternative English and Spanish-language media

Attorney and former Appointed Official for the Governor's Committee on Hispanic Affairs and the New York State Assembly Immigration Task Force

Community Activist for 30 years in the progressive community.

THE JORDAN JOURNAL on WBAI-99.5FM every Friday from 3-5pm The program focuses on: 

* How the U.S. Constitution protects our freedoms
* Holding Elected Officials accountable
* Celebrating Latino and African Heritages 
* Elections and the Latino vote
* The Immigration Debate
* The importance of Black-Latino relations today
*  Intra-Latino relations: uniting the Latino family

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OSCAR IS HOME http://bit.ly/2kxFIPS 
I am elated to hear of the return of our beloved brother Oscar Lopez Rivera to our homeland after 35 years of the U.S. government holding our freedom fighter in captivity. While he is at home under house arrest until released May 17  he is home. The power of boricua love returned Oscar to the Puerto Rican mecca so that he can breathe the free air of boricua breezes. With the arrival of this patriot to Puerto Rico I hope we pause in reflection and all recommit ourselves to the struggle for Puerto Rican self-determination. Oscar like many other generations of Puerto Rican political prisoners before him is one of the torchbearers of the Puerto Rican nationality and represents what is best in our people. I am reminded of the words of Puerto Rican nationalist Albizu Campos "yo nunca estado ausente de Puerto Rico." And Oscar like most boricuas are never absent from Puerto Rico because la isla lives in our hearts. In a spiritual bridge from those of the Puerto Rican diaspora I send un abrazo to our dear brother Oscar and his family and pray that the coming years will give us the strength to break free of the chains of our colonial oppressors.