Howard Jordan speaks at public events on occasions. For a provocative, energetic, and informative presentation by Mr. Jordan, contact to schedule your event.

Speaking topics include, but are not limited to:

 President Donald Trump: White Supremacy & Insurrection
 Presidential Elections: Biden, Trump, West and why it matters?
 Judge Hector LaSalle, the De-Latinization of the NYS Judiciary,          and  why "Representation Matters"?
 Puerto Rico America's Last Colony
 Black/Brown Men and Combating Sexism.
 Stopping Hate Crimes in  Latino communities
 Intra-Latino coalitions Between Puerto Ricans, Dominicans,               Colombians, and La Familia.
 Latino Underrepresentation in the Mayor Adams and Governor        Hochul Administrations
 Educational Crisis in Communities of Color 
 Criminal Justice System, Why Black and/or Latino Lives Matter
 Latinos and the Media: Still on the Outside Looking In?
 Justice Sonia Sotomayor: A Puerto Rican Judge Symbol of a         people.
 Afro-Latino Movement: The Untold Story of Black 
 Health crisis and racial disparities in Communities of Color
  Why Latinos Should Defend Gay,Lesbian, and transgender          
 Black, Brown, Yellow, Red and White: Building Multiracial
     Alliances and Coalitions
 Latinos and American Law:  A Look at Landmark Supreme
     Court Cases
Howard Jordan
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